Karten en Led bowlen

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Indoorkarten met fly-over

Karting for adults

With us you race karts in Sodi with an engine power of 200 cc and 6.5 hp with which you will be at top speed in no time. The driver with the fastest lap is the winner! Euro Indoorkarting & Bowling Swalmen consists of a beautiful wide circuit with FLY-OVER and challenging corners. Helmets and overalls are present and free to use.


A heat costs € 15,00 and lasts 10 minutes. If you do not have your own helmet then you are obliged to buy a balaclava (helmet cap) which costs € 2,00 once.


From the age of 14 you can become a member of Euro Indoorkarting & Bowling Swalmen and buy your own pass with many advantages! The pass can be recharged with new heats, the more heats the cheaper! Now you still have to meet a number of conditions, you are going to get a license and then you can switch to the faster karts.

Veiligheid & Hygiëne

De veiligheid van het karten staat bij Euro Indoorkarting & Bowling Swalmen voorop. Pas op met lange haren! Zorg dat je een elastiekje bij je hebt. Onze Sodi karts zijn uitgerust met speciale hoofdsteunen en andere veiligheidsvoorzieningen, waardoor de kans op verwondingen bijzonder klein is.

Deze voorzieningen dragen bij aan de veiligheid op de baan. De coureurs zijn verplicht een helm te dragen. Alle deelnemers worden vooraf grondig geïnformeerd over de geldende regels tijdens het karten en natuurlijk is het personeel graag bereid enkele nuttige tips te verstrekken om de rondetijden nog scherper te stellen. Omwille van de hygiëne is een haarnetje verplicht. Helm, haarnetje en eventueel een raceoverall worden door Euro Indoorkarting & Bowling Swalmen in bruikleen verstrekt. Dichte schoenen zijn verplicht.
Naast de hygiëne wordt ook volop aandacht besteed aan diverse milieuaspecten. Zo is de pitstraat van Euro Indoor Karting Swalmen voorzien van een vloeistof dichte vloer.


Up to the age of 14 you go karting with the children. From the age of 7 with a minimum length of 1.30 m, you can go in the children's karting at Euro Indoorkarting & Bowling Swalmen. During special children's times only children can go karting on the track.

A children's heat costs € 8.50 and lasts 7 minutes.


We also have duokarts. If for any reason you are not able to drive a kart yourself, you can still experience the optimal racing feeling by riding in our special duokarts! Only adults from 18 years of age are allowed to ride these duokarts themselves. As a co-driver you are at least 5 years old and 1.10 m.

This heat costs € 8.50 and lasts 7 minutes. Duokarts only ride with children's heats.



In our basement we have 4 Led Bowling lanes, these are equipped with special LED lighting that can change the lanes in all colours, giving you a very special effect.

For the kids, special bumpers come up automatically and disappear again when an adult starts playing.

Please note that the bowling alleys can only be reached via stairs! No dogs are allowed!

Special shoes are compulsory and can be used free of charge.

A bowling alley costs € 30.00 per session of 55 min. A maximum of 6 people can play on 1 lane.
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